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Steampunked Cyclop superyacht concept (Gallery)

August 4, 12:28 PMTrendy Living ExaminerMark Leevan
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  Steampunked Clycop Superyacht resembles Nautilus

The Cyclop superyacht is a perfect example of what a Steampunked yacht might look like.

Steampunk is defined as a mix of fantasy and speculative fiction. Creative people interpret how technology might have advanced if just a few things were done differently.

The Cyclop was inspired by the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The Cyclop superyacht is a concept of Sylvain Viau. If built, the superyacht could cost up to $160,000,000.

The Cyclop superyacht has five decks to recreate the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea feeling. Imagine wandering among the decks from mezzanine across to the saloon and into the reception and dining areas.

Now imagine a giant squid taking your steampunk Cyclop superyacht to the bottom of the ocean! Now imagine the Maltese Falcon superyacht swooping in at full sail to rescue you.



Superyacht Cyclop recalls Nautilus


Mark Leevan says:
Hi Sylvain, I'm please you are here! I revised and linked to you in the post.
August 5, 1:45 PM
Sylvain - SVDesign says:
Hello ! I'm here

August 5, 11:29 AM

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