Can a Super-Yacht Ever Be Green?

by admin on January 12, 2010


While many environmentalists feel that mega-mansions, yachts and other trappings of the uber-wealthy just can’t be green no matter what, others don’t think the public should be asked to give up luxury to save the planet. But where is the line drawn?

A new “eco-friendly superyacht” raises this debate anew. Sylvain Viau’s 80m OrganiK is a yacht of absolutely ridiculous proportions, including a private apartment, guest gym, large salon, dining room, galley, second salon/library, four guest cabins and more.

So what makes it (supposedly) green? Other than its sleek aerodynamic shape and the fact that it runs on hydrogen fuel cells, details aren’t too clear. Super Yacht Times says,

Many of the on-board services, such as the hot water production and air-conditioning, are based on Ecological-friendly systems. Here again significant savings are expected by the designers, enhancing the green idea behind the concept.

The superyacht’s composite mast will hide all antennas and domes, keeping the overall design of the superyacht clean. The entire concept has been designed towards minimum carbon footprint, in both construction and use of the vessel.

At this point, it’s tough to tell whether this yacht has any real eco-cred or it’s all just lip service. But if it’s the real deal, it’s a step forward, even if a frivolous one. Being green doesn’t mean giving up all the fun things in life – just finding better, more planet-friendly ways to enjoy them – but there is a definite difference between harmless fun and selfish showboating.

Link  [Super Yacht Times]

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