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When you hear the word “organic,” do you imagine luxury? Well, it’s hard to imagine but when you come across something like Sylvain Viau’s 80m OrganiK design with the objective of providing a high standard of comfort on board, but with a lot of consideration going into the carbon footprint and ecology aspects, you gotta think again. OrganiK features a long and narrow hull, which allows for relative high, yet economical cruising speed. Equipped with electric engines and a power plant relying on fuel cells, it provides efficient and silent cruising by means of two pods. Featuring a private owner’s apartment, including a private salon, bedroom and a large balcony, the yacht provides excellent viewing points all over. Housing the wheelhouse, a guest gym and the bridge deck lounge on the upper deck along with a large salon, dining room, galley, a second forward salon/library and four guest cabins, the crew accommodation and tender garage on the lower deck, makes the superyacht complete by all the means and standards. Emphasizing on the green idea behind the concept, many of the on-board services, such as the hot water production and air-conditioning, are based on eco-friendly systems. Not only the overall design of the superyacht is clean, but the concept foresees a minimum carbon footprint, in both construction and use of the vessel.

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Via: Super Yacht Design/Super Yacht Times