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Eco-friendly SVD Concept XXI Superyacht

by Brian Yalung on Sunday, August 28th, 2011

For the people seeking more luxury travel on water, the SVC Concept XXI Superyacht is an eco-friendly that is pointed to set sail in that direction. The eco-friendly yacht comes with features that include equipment such as ladders, ventilator ducts and exhausts put together for easy maintenance.

As for the eco-friendly part of this yacht, it boasts of a white colored HVAC and insulation system that was meant to handle the temperature of the whole yacht. A solar heating system is also installed at the top deck that will help provide hot water for people riding on it.

Amenities on board include the owner’s suite on the main deck, along with others such as the lounge which acts as a get-together place. Other facilities include private saloon, VIP cabins, the helipad, sundeck, and also accommodation for members of staff that may be taken along.


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