XXI yacht concept was born as the result of deep reflection on the layout of equipment and integration on board. The overall design will ease the maintenance of this yacht during its entire life. Aside from that, the yacht also provides strong visual identity to differentiate itself from other yachts.

Designer : SVDesign

XXI Yacht Concept by SVDesign

XXI Yacht Concept by SVDesign

The external appearance of XXI yacht has been designed with modern look instead of conventional shape. All equipments are located inside the side wings such as crew ladders, ventilation ducts, exhausts, etc. The layout allows internal accommodation arrangements with wide spaces, offering a freedom for interior design and its architecture.

XXI yacht is an eco-conscious yacht design, it’s equipped with optimized HVAC and insulation systems. The solar heating system is integrated on top of the deck for sanitary hot water production. Inside the yacht, you’ll find the owner suite and the lounge are on the main deck, the private salon and VIP cabins are on the first deck. The helipad is available on top deck while the crew cabins and their facility rooms are located on lower deck.

XXI Yacht Concept by SVDesign

XXI Yacht Concept by SVDesign

XXI Yacht Concept by SVDesign

Project Name : XXI Yacht Concept
Length : 80.00m
Beam : 17.00m
Speed : 20kts

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